Leica X2 with Elmarit 2.8/24 lens


A CMOS image sensor in APS-C format

The combination of an exceedingly large sensor and high-performance lens puts this compact piece above all others.


Quality you can count on

Leica X2 is the one of only two digital compact camera made in Germany, each piece being meticulously crafted by hand.


Timeless inside and out

Reminiscent of the traditional M-Design, Leica’s X2 features a robustly-engineered, full-metal chassis and leather-style finish.

Outstanding image quality

Leica X2 features an impressively large, professional APS-C CMOS image sensor with a high resolution of more than 16 megapixels. In combination with its high-performance Leica Elmarit 24 mm f/2.8 ASPH. lens, this guarantees exposures with extremely low image noise, a high dynamic range and accurate colour differentiation. The outcome: images of superior brilliance - down to the last detail.

Made in Germany

The X2 is constructed by hand in the Leica factory – using only the best-quality materials - and passes through the most stringent quality assurance and precision testing at every stage of the production process. Experience one of only two Leica digital compact

Design icon

Reminiscent of the traditional Leica M-Design, the X2 is a true pleasure to behold. The camera’s robustly-engineered, full-metal chassis is reassuringly solid, while its leather-style finish is comfortable to the touch and provides a perfect grip. The superior finish, using the best premium materials, makes the Leica X2 a real classic on the inside and out.

Instantaneous reaction

The X2’s fast new autofocus feature enables extremely precise, and virtually silent, focusing. Perfect for situations where spontaneous reactions are essential for capturing the right moment. It adapts flexibly to the situation in hand, for example, with a choice of AF focusing segments or face recognition, allowing the photographer to concentrate exclusively on the subject.


The handling of the Leica X2 is simplicity itself. Its automatic functions are equally as impressive as its range of manual setting options. Thanks to the X2’s intuitive handling, photographers can concentrate completely on composition and the perfect moment to take their shot. Even inexperienced users will soon discover the sheer pleasure of photography with a Leica X2.

Professional image processing

In addition to JPEG files for immediate use, the Leica X2 also allows image recording in DNG format (Adobe® Digital Negative Format), offering extensive creative options when post-processing images. Leica X2 customers can download the professional workflow solution Adobe® Photoshop® Lightroom® free of charge, for Apple Mac® OS X or Microsoft Windows®.

High-quality accessories

The Leica X2 can be flexibly adapted to each photographer's individual needs with a range of intelligently designed and versatile accessories especially for the camera. The dedicated accessory range currently includes viewfinders, flash units, camera protectors, a hand grip, a wrist strap and a range of excellently finished cases and bags.

Unique personal style - X à la carte

Have your say in the design of your X2! Precise Leica engineering on the inside, and your creative input on the outside. Choose from three camera bodies and 10 sorts of leather to tailor your Leica X2 to your liking. Add a personalised engraving to complete your unique package.

QAR 6,545.00
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